Will code for Obduction pledges

Cyan, the company behind Myst and Riven, is creating a new game. It’s in the same style as their previous games, but in a new world, with a new storyline, and in full 3D. It’s called Obduction, and it looks amazing. I want this game.
I grew up playing the original Myst series, and I’d love to share a new experience like this with my children. That can only happen, though, if Cyan’s Kickstarter campaign succeeds. They’re trying to raise $1.1 million to help fund the game; right now they’re a bit over halfway there. I really want this Kickstarter campaign to succeed. You should go contribute. Please, help out with this amazing project.
If that plea is not enough, though, let me give you an additional reason to contribute.
If you pledge $50 to the Obduction kickstarter, I will work one hour on whatever iOS or Mac software project you choose. If you pledge $100, I will work two hours. If you pledge $500, I will work 10 hours.  This is far below my usual rate; it’s a fantastic deal.
I’ll review code, write unit tests, add new features, or fix bugs. If we can work out travel arrangements, I’ll come give in-person trainings. (I live in Utah.) You can have me work on your own project, or on an open source project, or something else. I’m an expert in iOS and Mac development. I can also offer training on git, if that’s of interest. If you have some other idea, send me an email and let’s work something out.

How to pledge
Cyan doesn’t actually have a $50 pledge level on Obduction. Pick any reward level below what you’re wanting to pledge; once you’ve selected a reward level, you can add additional money to your pledge. Top it off to the next $50 increment. If you’ve already backed Obduction, increase your pledge by the amount corresponding to the work you want done.
Who am I?
I’m a developer on Day One, the best journal app for iOS and Mac. Day One for Mac was named Apple’s Mac App of the Year in 2012. Right now it’s the #15 paid app in the U.S. Mac App Store. The iOS app was one of 10 apps featured in the Apple’s 5 Years of the App Store celebration in Summer 2013.
I have over 23,000 reputation on StackOverflow.com. I’m the author of CKRefreshControl, and HSImageSidebarView. I post lots of code-related stuff on Twitter (@bjhomer). I’m the one friends turn to when they need Objective-C help.
Of course, I have a full-time job and a family, so I have to limit my offer.  I will make up to 20 hours per month available to Obduction backers. These hours are available on a first-come basis. If you are interested, pledge your support to the Obduction campaign, then send me an email at bjhomer@gmail.com.

The first month of work has been claimed! If you back Obduction now, I’ll start on your work sometime in late November.

* Yes, this offer was inspired by Adam Morgan’s offer to read film and TV scripts in exchange for Obduction pledges. I think it’s a fantastic idea.

I can’t work on anything that would directly compete with Day One, my employer. This should not come as a surprise to you.  I may turn down work for other reasons as well, but hopefully that won’t be necessary.

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